Heaven is For Real by Todd Burpo

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November 2, 2010 by Chris French

Before we start you need to know something about me. I was completely against the idea of this book before I ever read the first page. What I know about the Bible doesn’t allow me to believe that God would allow anyone today to see Heaven and talk about it. I just don’t believe in miracles. There was a time for those things, but now that we have God’s fully revealed will in the form of the Bible we don’t need miracles. That’s what the Bible teaches. That being said I really enjoyed this book! I read the entire book in a day! That’s quite the accomplishment for me. I’m what you would call a “slow reader”, but I couldn’t put this book down. I liked the way Burpo and Vincent moved the story along. There was always another surprise around the corner and I found myself almost clinching like you do during a thriller.

The characters came to life and I felt their pain, fear and amazement as those emotions tore through them. Colton is 4 years old when a mysterious illness comes very close to taking his life. He says he actually died for 3 minutes and spent some time in Heaven where time doesn’t work like it does down here. He got to sit in Jesus’ lap, saw God and relatives. His knowledge of his sister who died before she was born and his insightful knowledge of Heaven were some of the factors that led his parents to believe his story. For me Heaven is For Real accomplished many of the same things The Shack did. It made me think. Getting people out of their set way of thinking about something is how we grow. We question! I’m not hailing this book as another Pilgrim’s Progress as many did for The Shack, but if you have preconceived ideas of what Heaven will be like this book will help you question those beliefs and hopefully you’ll run back to the source that tells us all we know of Heaven: the Bible.


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