Point Man by Steve Farrar

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November 29, 2010 by Chris French

                 Have you ever wanted to be a better husband? What about a better father? Point Man is your book! In case you haven’t been paying attention over the last several decades a trend has been developing in America: fatherless families. If you were to look at the typical American family in 1930 you would have seen a mother and a father and 2.5 children. If you were to take a poll today of what a normal family looks like you might not recognize it. It would probably involve a mother and some kids, maybe a boyfriend or a sister, but in most cases you can look everywhere in that house and not be able to find the husband/father. He’s not there! He’s made decisions in his life that have led him to another woman and to another house that’s not his own. You may be sitting back thinking, “That’s not me!” That model doesn’t have to be you. You don’t have to walk out on your family to crush them. You can be emotionally or physically distant from them and still change them for the worse. You could let someone else take the lead in your family and never show your children what a Godly family looks like and how they interact. When your children grow up guess what they’ll model their family after? The only family they’ve ever known! The one they grew up in. Farrar pleads with fathers to stop the tide. Get your life straight, be there physically and emotionally for your family and lead them in the way that Christ leads the church! Change your family tree!

                Farrar has a chapter in Point Man that’s probably worth buying the entire book for. It’s called Save the Boys. He’s talking about your boys and girls. Did you know that they need to be saved? They need to be shown how a Godly family works. That means you’ve got to spend enormous amounts of time with them. In Jesus’ day children were raised by their mother until they were about 7 years old, then their care passed from their mother to their father. The father would teach his son everything he knew about his trade and would live his life in front of his son. It wasn’t just the father’s words that made the boy into a man, but his actions. The boy would watch how the father reacted when something didn’t go his way, he would watch how the father treated his mother, he would watch the spiritual role the father took in his family. Not only would he watch his father do these things, but most likely he will do these things the way his father did them when it’s his turn to have a family. We’ve got to put a stop to fatherless families or else the cycle will never stop! Make a change in your family and pass the word. We’ve got to save our boys (and girls)!

                  Other points in Point Man include working together in your marriage, learning how to depend in prayer, feeding on God’s Word, raising masculine sons  and feminie daughters & what to tell them in the sex talk! If your kids are under 10 right now go to Amazon right now and buy this book. Don’t read another word on this blog. Go now. I’ll wait…

               If your kids are over 10 years old you’re already behind! But there’s still time! You don’t have time to wait for Amazon to ship your book though. You need to go to Books-A-Million and buy it right now! You’re probably thinking, “That sounds great, but this is a big book (264 pages) and I’m not a reader.” My answer to that would be this question. Are you ready for it? “Do you love your children?” When you say yes you need to start being the Point Man for your family!

                We’ve got several copies of this book in the church library. Come find me and I’ll get you a copy.


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