Refuel by Doug Fields

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December 7, 2010 by Chris French

            When you read Refuel you’ll probably think the guy that wrote is talking to you. I did. We’re so busy with our lives, but we understand that it takes time to know God so we plan to make Him a priority in our lives. We’ll get up at 4:00 in the morning so we can read the Word or stay up till 12:00 so we can pour our hearts out to Him, but then we miss one day and then the next day we’re too tired to get up and then we’re 6 chapters behind so we just stop.

               In Refuel Doug Fields takes a unique approach to staying spiritually fit. Instead of cutting out a huge block of time to read or pray he talks about taking very small amounts of time to “refuel” yourself spiritually. He talks about printing off Bible verses and putting them in his car so he can read them while he stops at a red light and then meditate on them as he drives home. He talks about saying a quick prayer of thankfulness for God giving you another day when you wake up in the morning.

                 I think he’s right. You can refuel yourself spiritually by taking these 30 seconds to a minute breaks during your day to stop and refocus, but he admits that there’s got to be a time when you throw yourself into study or when you wear out your knees in prayer. It’s a very short book, but it’s packed full of ideas that just might help you rearrange your life and keep you spiritually full.


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