Towers of Midnight by Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson


February 21, 2011 by Chris French

           I really don’t know how to describe this book. It’s book 13 out of a series that I’ve been reading since around 7th grade.  Every time the new book comes out in The Wheel of Time series I feel some trepidation about buying it because I know that as soon as I start reading it I won’t be able to put it down and everything else in my life will suffer. Sound crazy! Pick up Eye of the World and start reading this awesome series.

             In Towers of Midnight everything has come full circle. The characters are having to deal with issues that have been hounding them throughout the series. Rand thought that to be the Dragon Reborn, savior of his world, he would have to become a rock. Emotionless. In Towers he finally realizes that he’s just a man and that feelings are okay, even good. This change is good for me too, because his depressive mood was getting on my nerves! Perrin has to face the Whitecloaks and deal with having killed two of their number a few years earlier. He also has to face the fact that the wolf inside of him is part of him, a part that he needs and likes. Mat has to face the Snakes and Foxes again in an attempt to save Moraine, the Aes Sedai that brought the three boys out of Edmond’s Field two years earlier.

       All the loose ends being tied up is appropriate because the last book (supposed to be released in early 2012…I honestly can’t wait and would hold my breath if I thought it would help), deals with The Last Battle. Pretty definitive, right? You don’t have to be a fan to know that this battle will mark the end, which will probably be heart breaking for me. I’ll just have to settle with rereading all 14 books over again after that I guess.


4 thoughts on “Towers of Midnight by Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson

  1. Jessica says:

    Just an excited WoT fan who is also a member of the church. I seldom run into fantasy/ sci-fi fans among our members, so now I feel less like a freak. Thanks!

    • Chris French says:

      We’ve got a couple at my congregation so you’re not alone! I’m psyched about the last book. Last time I checked they said it was going to be out sometime this fall, maybe earlier. Seriously considering re-reading the whole series before reading the last one. Good to hear from you! Where do you worship?

      • Jessica says:

        We are up in Clarksville, at Barker’s Mill. And last I heard, it was going to be January, but they’ve already released the cover art, so who knows?

      • Chris French says:

        I’ve heard of Barker’s Mill! I think I know your preacher. Cool connection! Yeah, I googled it after I posted that comment and it is slated for January. Sad day. Oh well, it’ll be worth the wait…as long as everyone lives in the end!

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