The Lincoln Lawyer by Michael Connelly

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March 3, 2011 by Chris French

              Crime shows have been all the rage over the last several years. NYPD Blue, Law & Order, Bones and CSI just to name a few have taken over the airwaves (or however these shows get to my t.v.). I decided to be completely different, okay not completely different, but instead of watching a show about crime and lawyers I was going to read a book about it. The Lincoln Lawyer was awesome! Without giving away any of the twists that make the book so enthralling I’ll try to give you a quick summary.

            Mickey Haller is a defense attorney. He’s very good at his job, but has always been worried if he would ever see true innocence if he ever came in contact with it. Most of Mickey’s clients are felons the police caught red-handed and he finds a legal loop-hole through which to push them to their freedom. He has been doing well, but keeps his eyes open for any way to make an extra buck. He comes across a “franchise case”. That means that this case could get him upwards of $100,000! Not a bad pay-day. He accepts the job about 1/4 the way thru the book and you’re thinking, “Wow, what’s he going to do with all these other pages back here?” Then come the curve balls!

               I literally read this book in one day. That doesn’t happen a ton for me, so that shows you how much I enjoyed reading it. If you like CSI or Bones you’ll love this book. Be forewarned. It does have some profanity and “adult content” in it.  The sequel, The Fifth Witness comes out in April and I’m really looking forward to it!


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