Life Without Limits by Nick Vujicic


April 15, 2011 by Chris French

                    As you can see by his picture on the cover Nick doesn’t have the normal extremities. He was born without arms or legs. You would think that someone with these kinds of disabilities (for example, how does he brush his teeth?) would not be able to lead the life that Nick leads. He’s an internationally known motivational speaker, surfer and comedian. In Life Without Limits he talks about how he overcame some of this mental challenges. Having a defeated and negative attitude would be pretty easy if you weren’t able to go to the restroom by yourself. He’s become quite independent, but having a regular caregiver makes his life a lot easier. The basic gist of the book is you can do it if you want it bad enough. You can change your attitude, you can achieve amazing things, you can lead an awesome life if you’re willing to work for it.

I’m not usually one for motivational books. They always seem to take forever to say the same thing my mom told me when I was 7! This book’s really not that different from the other motivational books you’ve read. Nick says you can choose to be happy, you need to love yourself despite your flaws and you need to get back up when you fall down. All those things are true, but they’re not new. All that said, I actually enjoyed reading the book! His story has a genuineness about it that is usually not there in the motivational speaker’s life. You hear stories about Nick as a child thinking seriously about suicide for years and attempting it once. You know that when this guy talks about hope, faith and a great attitude he’s been thru the darkest places in his soul to get to those better places. He’s not saying anything new, but you know that it’s true. It worked for him, it can work for you too. After all here’s a guy who can not even scratch his nose but his joy is obvious. When he meets new people they’re always a little uncomfortable around him…until he makes a joke about his lack of limbs. He gets put in the overhead compartment in an airplane, he takes a turn on the bag carousel in the airport, this guy’s got a good sense of humor which has helped deflect a lot of the pain he’s gone thru.

I would have enjoyed the book more had it been more of a story of his life rather than focused on inspiring me. He’s a great storyteller and when you read the book it’s almost like he’s talking to you instead of writing. Some of the situations he encounters that wouldn’t be a big deal for us force him to take a unique approach. I found myself wishing this were an autobiography because I wanted to know more about how he does everything he does and listen to some of the crazy stories that happen to him.


One thought on “Life Without Limits by Nick Vujicic

  1. I Like this Guy He Seems Amazing even though not having his 4 limbs of his body and still Good Job Nick! and keep it up to be successful! love your book

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