The Non-Writing Prophets by Jack Lewis


April 25, 2011 by Chris French

As you can probably tell from the title this book is wrapped around the prophets who didn’t write anything or at least those documents are not extant. Elisha and Elijah are given ample treatment, being two of the more charismatic of the prophets, whether they wrote anything or not. Lewis also deals with some of the lesser known prophets you may not have heard of. There were a couple that were new for me. He’s even found a passage that refers to a man who was a prophet whose father was also a prophet! Being a prophet isn’t a hereditary office like that of a priest. Each person is called by God when God needs them. This occurrence of a father and son prophetic line is quite unique.

This is one in a series of four books Lewis has written on the prophets. If you’ve never read Lewis you’re missing out. He’s got not one, but two doctorates. One is from Hebrew Union. He’s incredibly well versed and does good research. He’s also a member of the church. I’ve had the pleasure to hear him at Freed’s Lectures several times. If you get the opportunity sit CLOSE. He’s a quiet talker and you won’t hear much of what he says if you sit more than 5 rows back. His lectures are also incredibly dry so make sure you’re caught up on your sleep before you sit thru one of his classes. All that being said you’ll learn an absolute ton from this aged scholar. I’m mentioning his lectures because his book sounds just like one of them. It’s a “just the facts” approach surrounded by Scripture and history, but it will make you think. I’ve studied the prophets quite a bit so I was familiar with the stories and much of the history Lewis shares here, although there were some surprises. One of those suprises was the detrimental element to Elisha’s miracle concerning the two female bears killing 42 youths for ridiculing him (II Kings 2). Most miracles are beneficial, this on was definitely detrimental. Why? Interesting discussion, huh? If you’ve never studied the prophets before this series of books is a great place to start. Lewis will give you a basic knowledge of the prophet, Israel during his prophecy and what he said. If you’re been struggling with the prophets for years so of the answers to your questions might be found in these books. I found answers in this one, but I also found more questions. That’s just the way it goes I guess!


One thought on “The Non-Writing Prophets by Jack Lewis

  1. Mark says:

    I love Jack Lewis. He’s a treasure.

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