El Salvador – Day 1


July 26, 2011 by Chris French

The flight from Nashville to Atlanta was pretty uneventful. Our pilot took a curve faster than I would have taken it, but then again he gets paid to drive the plane and I don’t. It was a smaller plane and it flew pretty low. We were right above the clouds and the view was unbelievable! Words escape me to describe it to you, but if you’ve flown you’ve probably experienced much the same view. As far as you can see there are clouds. Some stick up above the cloud “floor” more
than others, but it’s almost like waves in the ocean. Awesome sight. The flight from Atlanta to San Salvador was a bigger plane and it flew higher so we were too far up to see many clouds. I definitely fell asleep on that ride so I’m not even sure how long it took. Kelly assures me it took three hours so you’ll have to take her word for it too. We got to our hotel and I was wowed. It’s awesome. They said it would be nice, but you drive by shanty after shanty on the ride from the airport to the hotel and you think maybe “nice” is a relative term. While I’m sure it is indeed relative this hotel is awesome. Check out the pics
from inside our room and the view from the window in our bedroom. We’re six floors up! The view from the other side of the hotel is even better! It looks out on an inactive volcano! It’s huge and we’re fairly close to it! Expect pics of it to come tomorrow night.

Tonite after getting to the hotel we had a devotional with our group. One of the men from Waverly spoke about being like Andrew (John 1.40-41, 6.8-9). You don’t have to have Peter’s charisma or Paul’s brain to work in God’s kingdom effectively. Andrew didn’t make any great speeches or write any indepth letters about Jesus that we know of. He simply brought people to Jesus.  After he met Jesus he went and found his brother Peter and brought him to Jesus. Look what Jesus did with Peter! None of that happens without Andrew. When the disciples don’t know how on earth they’re going to feed 5,000 men Andrew brings a small boy with his sack lunch to Jesus. Look what happened because of Andrew’s talent. What talent, you might ask, does Andrew have? He brings people to Jesus and sits back and watches Jesus work! Maybe, just maybe, God can use your talents to do something amazing too! It might not be in the big things, that was the case for Andrew, but look at the results when just one person works for God.

After the devotional we made a Wal-Mart run. Yes, they have a Wal-Mart here! I know. I was kind of surprised too! They also have a Sears, GNC, 9 West and Michael Korrs. Anyway, we got what we needed at Wal-Mart, including these tasty little treats called Chiky. (While we were checking out the cashier called Zach “beautiful”, which sent his newfound friend, Jorita, into hysterics.) It’s kind of like those cookies the Keebler Elves make. They’re awesome. So now here I sit eating my second pack of Chiky while Kelly plays with the alarm clock that will hopefully wake us up tomorrow at 6:00 so we can start
packing bags to hand out at the congregations this week. It’s going to be a great week! Pray for the Father to open up the Salvadorians hearts to His truth…and that this experience will transform each one of us into Jesus’ image.

Want to check out the pics from today? Click here to see the pics


2 thoughts on “El Salvador – Day 1

  1. Meleia says:

    Thanks for blog! I will bookmark and keep up! Take care & know you guys are in our prayers.

  2. Debbie says:

    Love your blog!!

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