El Salvador – Day 2

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July 27, 2011 by Chris French

         We left the hotel at 7:30 this morning to go to the Central church of Christ. There we packed the bags we hand out to the adults after VBS. If an adult came to listen to the sermon they received a ticket. They formed a line at our bus and after showing their ticket received a bag full of food. There was spaghetti, sauce, beans, rice, Spanish New Testament, canola oil, and milk in each bag. The line was immense! We handed out over 200 of these bags. At the Central congregation we made a line of each of these items and some of our group went around with a bag as the people with the items dumped said items into said bag. It was a good system and we were done with 800 bags in about 2 ½ hours. I started handing out spaghetti and sauce packets, then somehow I ended up making a round on the receiving end of the items carrying the bag. Then magically I ended up in the room where all the bags are stored for the week stacking them on top of one another. Today we used 200 of the bags, tomorrow we’ll go back into that room, set up our line of people from the room to the bus and go to the Olicuilta congregation.

                We were finished with that by lunch so we had lunch and our devotional at the Central congregation. We had Pollo Campero, which apparently is roughly translated as Cowboy Chicken. Kelly’s dad, Tommy, did our devo today. He spoke about being readying for your house burning down. He’s a firefighter so your house burning is more of a reality to him than most of us, but his lesson was not about our physical houses, but our spiritual. One day all of our houses will be burned up. When Jesus comes back this world will be destroyed by fire. Are you ready? What kind of insurance do you have? We all think we’re ready for Jesus to come back, but does your life reflect your beliefs? What have you sacrificed? Paying for physical insurance is a sacrifice. Spiritual insurance also demands a sacrifice on our part.

                After lunch we headed to San Mauricio in our magic school bus. It’s magic because we fit more stuff and people in it than any school bus should be able to hold. We hung outside the building while people were bringing their children to VBS. Eventually it was time to start and the children started singing while the adults went across the road into a gravel field to listen to Jim Graham’s sermon in the shade. After VBS was over we handed out the children’s bags which were full of crayons, beanie babies, random toys, coloring books, toothpaste, toothbrushes and other things. We split our group in two. Several stayed inside to hand out the bags for the children and several went outside to hand out the adult bags. After we were done there we went to eat papusas. If you’ve never had a papusa there’s a picture of one among our other pictures. Papusas are meat, cheese and beans wrapped in a bread shell. It tastes a lot like a fajita, only more grease. They were great! For dessert we headed to Jungle Snow. It’s an ice cream shop that works in the fantastic. I ordered a Chocolate King of the Jungle which was a large glass full of chocolate ice cream and chocolate shavings and whip cream with those edible straws…also awesome! Kelly got some Tooty Frooty ice cream, which meant that hers was more colorful than mine, but mine was better!

            I’m looking forward to tomorrow. We get to meet a whole new congregation of people and hand out more bags of food and toys to the kids. We’re also handing out 2 soccer balls Zach brought to one of the congregations tomorrow after VBS is over. It’s going to be a big day. Pray that our group finds the stamina to do this work with the joy it demands.

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