El Salvador – Day 3

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July 28, 2011 by Chris French

        Today we did two congregations: Rosario de la Paz and Olicuilta. We started the morning at the Central church of Christ where we formed our fire brigade line with the people diagonal of you throwing bags of food at you until the food bags made it to the end of the line and the van. We did that 250 times and at the end of the day we only came back with 20 bags! I got to preach at Rosario. I had a good time and the translator assured me the people understood my message. You can watch it on youtube if you wish. While I was preaching our work crew was on installing an addition to the existing roof. It gave them about another 15 feet of shade and a nice porch to sit on.

        VBS and the small children were inside so the rest of the congregation was outside. It was a beautiful day and this place had lots of shade so it was, “no problem”. We handed out the children’s bags and made balloon animals for the kids. I tried my hand at making dogs and enjoyed it even though the thing I make doesn’t always come out looking like a dog. We did the balloon animals again at Olicuilta and I handed out a two headed dog to some unsuspecting child. He seemed to be happy with it. Between Rosario and Olicuilta we had lunch on the bus, which consisted of crackers, apples and even some beanie weenies. I didn’t partake in the beanie weenie feast, although I’m sure it was good.

                When we got to Olicuilta the children for VBS and the rest of the congregation were separated by a large hill. You had to walk down to Olicuilta’s building to get to VBS. At the top of the hill there was an open space in a field where we worshipped and one of Waverly’s deacons spoke about the power that Jesus has to save. He is mighty to save! Apparently while we were doing all this another segment of our group (those skilled in carpentry) went to a church member’s home and did some work for her. Something about flashing and poor construction. After VBS and the Gospel Meeting were over our group at the top of the hill went down the hill to join the VBS crew. While we waited on the work crew to join us we sang a song in English and then one in Spanish. It was a pretty cool routine. I think everyone enjoyed it. After our entire group had reassembled we started our devotional. One of the men from the New Johnsonville congregation spoke about grace. After the devo was over the Olicuilta congregation had a surprise for us. They were giving each family represented on this trip a different picture. The one we received is of a woman walking down a dirt path. On either side of the path is green grass and beautiful trees. See the pictures if you want a better visual. It was an awesome show of love on the Salvadorians part! The children also made the guys in our group foam ties and decorated them. The ladies received foam flowers. Both these gifts were an outward reminder of the love these people have for our group. It was humbling. I sat there thinking about how little we had sacrificed to come on the trip and how little we had brought to help the people. They had gone to the expense of buying about 20 different framed pictures to say thank you to us. What they may not understand is that while we come to bless them God blesses us more than we bless them. To Him be the glory!

              Then it was time for supper. We had eaten lunch on the bus on the way to Olicuilta so I think most of us were pretty excited about supper and we even got a special treat! We had the option to go to the “mall” and eat or we could stay at the hotel and eat at the Wendy’s, KFC or McDonald’s right next door. Both options were appealing for different reasons. I wanted to see this mall and what it had to offer, but I also wanted to go to BED! We opted for the mall and I’m glad we did. We ate at Bennigan’s, an Irish restaurant. I got the chicken tenders with honey mustard. You’ve got to try the honey mustard! It’s awesome!  I consider myself something of a honey mustard connoisseur and I give this stuff five stars! When we sat down to eat Alex, Jorge’s youngest son, broke out his phone and started playing Bob Marley. He’s nine! Apparently he loves Bob. He’s also a big fan of Michael Jackson, specifically Beat It. He even did some of the dance moves! For some reason Alex started calling Zach Justin Bieber. It’s probably the hair. Anyhow, Zach’s not a fan of his new nickname, but the rest of us LOVE it! When we left the restaurant we all started shouting and pointing at Zach and ran over to him. Now I’m sitting here wondering what tomorrow holds for us. Pray for open doors. We’re planting a lot of good seed. Pray for the soil!

Click here to see the pics from today


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