El Salvador – Day 7

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August 1, 2011 by Chris French

Today was another good day. We worshipped with San Mauricio, the congregation Jorge has preached at for some time. We sang some in Spanish, then in English. We prayed some in English then in Spanish. We read Scripture for the Lord’s Supper in Spanish and in English and Jorge preached in Spanish and translated for himself so we could understand his lesson. After the worship service we ate lunch at McDonald’s. They do Happy Meals over here too and the toy in the Happy Meal this week is a “Pitufos”. We know them as Smurfs. Apparently there’s a movie coming out about the Smurfs. I really wanted to bring one back, but I was hungry so I went for the McCrispy Chicken instead of the bite size hamburger in the Happy Meal. As we were walking outside to our bus we passed a guy on a motorcylce. I noticed a box on the back. The box was painted red and said McDonald’s delievery. That’s definitely something we should bring to America! Next we went to the Artisian Market to shop. I won’t tell you what we bought because that might ruin the suprise! I did buy something for my mom, brother and step-dad though. Mom got a picture frame, brother got a t-shirt and step-dad got an Aztec face mask. I got a couple of bracelets and a pen.

I’ve also wanted to share with you some of the things we’ve done this week that weren’t planned, but were good things. Some things are good, some are God things. I’m betting you know what kind of situation I’m referring to. You don’t plan to do something, but it falls in your lap and it’s a good thing. You start thinking, “I’ve got an opportunity to help here!” We had some of those this week. Remember the night we went to an ice cream shop called Jungle Snow? Well the cost for that had been figured into the total cost of the trip so it was already paid for. We didn’t know that so when we ordered we paid for our ice cream. Now there’s a couple hundred dollars running around without a place to light. At San Mauricio there was a young woman with a 4 month old baby. The baby had a hernia and was malnourished and needed surgery to correct the hernia. The extra money from our Jungle Snow trip went to pay for his surgery. To view a pic of mother and baby click here.

When we arrived in El Salvador we were made aware of an orphanage’s need for diapers. You can get a pack of diapers here for about $20, so our group pooled our money and bought the orphanage several packs of diapers. This isn’t the same orphanage we went to this week, but they had a need, we were made aware of it and did our part to bring God’s kingdom to them. There were several other things that happened during this week where it felt like God opened a door for us to walk thru, but if I told you all those things the books it would take would fill up the entire world (John 20.30-31). He’s still doing amazing things! Are you planting seed? Will you come to El Salvador 2012?

Click here to view pics from this week.


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