Revelation 4-6

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August 29, 2011 by Chris French

When you read thru Revelation 4 and picture the scenes John is trying to describe a sense of awe should come over you. Remember the 1st century Christians were in trouble with Domitian. Many of them were being killed! They had went thru the same kind of treatment under Nero, now God says it’s going to get worse! They had to be scared out of their minds! The thought had probably crossed those terrified minds that God didn’t have the power to beat Domitian. Revelation 4 was written to dispel that myth! Compare God’s throne room to Domitian’s. There isn’t a comparison! The Christians needed reminding that the sides were not equal! They might die at Domitian’s hand, but he would NOT overtake God. Notice the signs John writes about that show them and us that God is still in control.

In Revelation 4.2 you read about God sitting on His throne. The Christians probably viewed their situation as a fight between God and Domitian. You don’t sit down when you’re fighting! Even when playing with my 7 year old cousin I stand to rough house with him! God’s sitting down because He’s not in a fight! There’s no contest between God and Domitian! Domitian is flesh and bone. God is God! It’s important to notice also that He’s sitting on His throne. He’s in control! Nothing has escaped his attention and everything is in His plan!

Notice also Revelation 4.6. God’s throne room has an ocean in it! It’s not even like His throne is out in the middle of an ocean! His throne is the first thing you see when you come into the throne room and you notice the ocean as you take in the surroundings! This begs the question: What did Domitian’s throne room have in it? Not an ocean!

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