Semper Fi

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October 3, 2011 by Chris French

Marines speak of Semper Fi. A married couple resolves to be faithful. We think of the geyser in Yellowstone named for its dependability. Paul would talk about faithfulness. This is the trait in someone that means you can depend on them. You’ve noticed from your past dealings with them that they will do what they say without fail. You can trust them. That’s the Fruit of the Spirit. That’s how others can tell that the Holy Spirit lives inside of us. We are worthy of other’s trust.

When we read in Scripture about someone having faith in God they are saying that they trust God. He will deliver on His promises. Trust is integral to any relationship, but it sits at the very center of our relationship with God. When He told Moses to go get Israel out of Egypt Moses was worried they wouldn’t believe that God had sent him so God gave the people some signs that showed they could trust that what Moses was saying was from God. When Moses threw down his staff it turned into a snake, but when he picked it up by its tail it became the staff again. When he stuck his hand inside his shirt and brought it back out his hand had leprosy, but when the hand went back into the shirt and returned again it was normal. If he needed to Moses could even dip some of the water from the Nile out onto dry land and it would turn into blood. In Exodus 4.31 Moses and Aaron go to the leaders of Israel and tell them about Moses meeting God in the burning bush and showed them the three signs and guess what? Israel believed! Only God has the power to do those things so God must have been with Moses and sent him to deliver them. Moses could be trusted as God’s envoy. The people had faith.

Had Moses said he was from God, but couldn’t do any of the miracles to back up his claim Israel would not have believed. He couldn’t be trusted. Paul says that if the Holy Spirit lives inside of us we can be trusted. Our character and our integrity are such that our word in not questioned and our motives are clean. People know that we will be faithful to them because of their past experience with us. What a relief we could be to our community! To be able to trust that you will always have their best interests at heart, that they never have to question whether you’ll keep your word or not, would really be a blessing to someone.

We have that absolute assurance from God. We never have to question if He will be faithful to us. We never have to wonder if He loves us. He does. Let’s challenge ourselves this week to deal with people in such a way that shows that we are trustworthy.


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