Scarecrows At Cheekwood

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October 4, 2011 by Chris French

Have you heard about Scarecrows at Cheekwood? Me neither, that is until we received a nice brochure for Cheekwood’s upcoming events a few days ago. Apparently that’s one of the perks for members. We get a cool brochure with a bunch of pictures to look at. When we bought our membership last year I wasn’t really that enthusiastic about it, but Chihuly was there so we bought it and went and it was quite possibly the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. You can check out our pics from Chihuly here. Periodically Cheekwood has brought in new stuff. We saw their Christmas tree exhibit and a terribly tiresome concert of Christmas songs put on entirely with bells. While sitting there with 50 people wearing those Christmas shirts with the Rudolph and Santa on them I seriously reconsidered buying that membership! At this beginning of this year we went to check out Trains! Which was pretty cool. I probably would have been more impressed had I been four, but the way they put together this monstrous train exhibit was pretty cool. The train even worked so that helped keep my attention.

Yesterday my lovely wife and I decided it was time to return to Cheekwood to see what the hubbub about Scarecrows was all about. I gotta tell you…I loved it! I went in pretty excited. Not sure why, but I love this kind of stuff. The creativity it takes to build your own scarecrow and come up with a punny title must be exhausting! I’m enamored. Not to disappoint the Scarecrows really showed up. They were everywhere! There were at least 30 of them, but these aren’t your garden variety scarecrows. To help you, dear reader, understand the magnificence of said scarecrows I’ll do a Top 5 Scarecrows. What were my 5 favorite Scarecrows at Cheekwood? Well I’ll tell you.

This is my first Top 5 so I’m a little nervous!

Pecos Bill Riding a Tornado

Disc-Crow Inferno

Round'em Up Noah Crow

Hot Rodding Hob Goblin-A-Go-Go

Edgar Alan Crow

For some added history on scarecrows you can click here. I would highly recommend you going to see Scarecrows. You can get in for $12 and under. They’ve even got special discounts for students, seniors and military. If you decide you absolutely must see those bells ringing out Christmas songs you can buy a membership, which I would also recommend. The membership, not the bells. It’s only $75 for a family membership. They’ve also got a student membership for $30 or an educator and family membership for $60. We’re renewing our membership this year and I’m going to try to get out of the Christmas bell jamboree. Here’s the awesome Scarecrows that unfortunately didn’t make the Top 5. Have you gone to see Scarecrows? What did you think? What did your kids think? What were your Top 5?


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