Pez Trophies


October 7, 2011 by Chris French

Announcing the most awesome Trunk or Treat trophies ever: The Pez Trophy. On October 29th from 6:00-8:30 the Bethel church of Christ will be hosting our Trunk or Treat. We have three contests this year. Two contests for the best pumpkin carving, one for the best carved pumpkin by an adult and one for the best carved pumpkin by a student. We will also be awarding a trophy for the best costume among the students. The judging will be rigorous and all entries will be viewed through a fair and impartial eye. Because of time constraints and to maximize the fun to be had at Trunk or Treat we ask that your Jack-O-Lantern entries pre-carved. The trophies will be awarded to the winners of each contest at the end of the night. The other contestants will have to return home and console themselves with their multiplicity of candy, saddened by their loss yet still able to push on. To get more updates on our Trunk or Treat you can get on our facebook page here.

I feel this to be the appropriate time to regale you with the origins of these most amazing trophies. They were birthed at the Madison Trophy Shop and he did a great job combining the scary glint in their eyes with the playful twist in the lips. I called a few days before I took the pez dispensers down to his store to see if my revolutionary idea was even possible. Can one attach a pez dispenser to a trophy stand? I was afraid the trophy man’s knowledge would not extend this far, but oh was I wrong! His reply was inspiring, “I think we can figure something out.” So with those words of encouragement still ringing in my ears we drove to Target and obtained these wonderful Halloween pez dispensers. I took them to the trophy shop and gave them to the guy. He looked them over and without missing a beat told me they would be ready by the end of the week! I thought that surely such a new and groundbreaking idea as pez dispenser trophies would take at least a month to procure, but no, true to his word within the week I was presented with these lovely prototype specimens of future pez trophy glory. They even still work. You can put candy in them and from their wonderfully frightening heads receive the candy back at the deliciously appointed time. I know that the competition has just heated up for the Jack-O-Lantern and Costume Contests. I can feel your anxiety thru the screen. Will you win? Will someone beat you out at the last second comparable to the buzzer beating half court shot? Now is the time to plan. Now is the time dust off the sewing machine and find your grandfather’s lucky pumpkin carving tools. Now is your time to achieve greatness!

Pez dispenser trophies may not actually lead one to greatness, however 
studies have shown that a feeling of awe and unworthiness overcomes 
the one who holds the pez dispenser trophy. Do not operate heavy 
equipment while holding trophy as this may lead to injury. Pez 
Dispenser Trophy is a trademark of Chris French inc. 

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