New Hobby…Maybe


October 8, 2011 by Chris French

I’ve never thought of myself as an artistic person…that is, until I painted this last night.

Just kidding. You were all like, “yeah, right” then you were like, “Whoa, he really can paint.” Then you were like, “wait a second.” That’s awesome! Glad I could bring some confusion to your day. Just in case you were wondering I do have a new hobby…maybe. Go to google and search “typography” and all this amazing stuff pops up. Typography is basically making something out of letters. My favorite so far are the animals. I’m kind of amazed at how this whole thing works, so I wanted to try my hand at it. Since copying someone’s work is the greatest form of flattery…and probably plagiarism, I made my own typography wolf based on the model below. My rendition is the green one.


That one’s not that bad. I had the original to work off of. This is where the new hobby part came in. I had a lot of fun putting this together. It was like a magical time where the letters fell into place in the form of this wolf howling at the moon. I thought, “awesome,” and went away happy with myself. The …maybe part comes the next morning when I try to make my own sans an original to copy. I wanted to use “Trunk or Treat” to make a Frankenstein monster. Great concept, right? It actually makes a lot of sense, because Frankenstein’s monster was a compilation of a lot of different parts and my typography Frankenstein was going to be a conglomerate of a lot of different letters. It must be meant to be! It wasn’t. I still don’t know what I did wrong. I think the “R” on the boots really makes it look like his boots and the “U” is the perfect shape for his body. The “K” even looks like he’s coming to get you. But when you look at the image as a whole he just looks like a robot! I’m not trashing Franken Trunk or Treat, you can even check him out at this blog’s facebook page. I’m going to take a look at him Monday and see if I can fix him, but tell me your suggestions. What’s wrong with him, besides the fact that I have zero artistic ability.

Here are some of my favorite typography.


One thought on “New Hobby…Maybe

  1. Chris French says:

    I actually improved the FrankenTreat a little bit. He’s not going to win any prizes, but I’m happy with him. Check him out at this blog’s facebook page using the link above.

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