Midnight Club by James Patterson

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October 17, 2011 by Chris French

Detective John Stefanovich is obsessed with bringing Alexander St. Germain, a.k.a. The Grave Dancer, to justice. There are several reasons for Stef’s obsession. He is a good cop and that’s what good cops do: they bring down the bad guys, but his vendetta against the Grave Dancer is way more personal than the average collar. St. Germain put him in a wheelchair then went to Stef’s house and killed his wife. Now Stef will use every weapon in his arsenal to bring The Grave Dancer down…but he doesn’t get the chance. Someone beats him to the punch and kills St. Germain themselves. This vigilante doesn’t stop with the Grave Dancer though. Top underworld figures start showing up dead all over the world. What’s going on and who is driving these killings are the questions Stef and ex news reporter now author Sarah McGinnis have to answer.

I’ve never read the Alex Cross series, but I’ve heard a lot of people talk negatively about Patterson’s non-Alex Cross books. This one was great. The story line was awesome and believable with some twists you won’t see coming. St. Germain is a psychopath, literally, so his actions are so grotesque and unimaginable that your mind staggers when contemplating that there are actually people who could do these things. Stef and Sarah are both very likable characters and Patterson develops them well. There were several characters in the book so pay attention or you’ll have problems keeping them straight.


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