The Visitation by Frank Peretti


October 19, 2011 by Chris French

Have you ever wondered what you would do if you were alive during the 1st century and had the opportunity to follow Jesus? Would you follow Him or would your hypocrisy, pride and preconceived notions get in your way? What about if you someone who claimed to be Jesus and backed it up with miracles today? In The Visitation Peretti brings this story to life only his name isn’t Jesus, it’s Brandon. He can heal the sick, return lame hands to new, give the nearsighted 20/20 vision and make the paraplegic walk again. Travis is a retired Pentecostal preacher that this new Jesus has taken a special interest in. Having undergone terrible loss Travis has left the ministry and all of the church’s religious trappings. While still believing in God he’s given up on the church. His replacement, a young man named Kyle, tries unsuccessfully to build a relationship with Travis until Travis’ curiosity has been so piqued by the Brandon Messiah that he must team up with Kyle to figure out the truth.

I really enjoyed The Visitation. It has a lot of twists and turns that will keep you on your toes. Peretti gives you Travis’ back story alongside Brandon’s so the story as a whole comes across as one of those times when the main character looks off into the sky and the picture waters up and turns into a vision of the past. That really helped build the suspense and keep you guessing about how it was going to end right up until the end of the book. I didn’t see the book turning out like it did. There’s usually a twist or two that brings some surprises, but the twists in this book will set you on your head. This was my first time to read anything by Peretti, outside of House, which he teamed up with Ted Dekker to write. The main question is, “Is Brandon really Jesus or is there something sinister going on?” Find out for yourself!


One thought on “The Visitation by Frank Peretti

  1. […] the book only gets interesting about halfway thru and after reading The Visitation I was a little disappointed in the way The Prophet is written. It’s not fast moving or very […]

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