The Prophet by Frank Peretti

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October 21, 2011 by Chris French

Think your family tree is a little weird? John Barrett is an anchorman, his father is a prophet. That makes for some interesting conversations! One day, while going about his normal business, John Barrett Jr. sees his father, John Barrett Sr., on a video clip that he’s going to have to anchor. His father is standing on a planter at the rally to re-elect Governor Hiram Slater. The place is packed and John Sr. is really making a fool of himself and his son. John Jr. goes to his father’s plumbing warehouse to talk to him about keeping his prophetic utterances under control and out of the limelight. They argue and Jr. leaves thinking he’s put the old man in his place. That was the last time John Jr. would ever see his father alive. Now his father’s “gift” has been passed on to him and he doesn’t know what it is or what to do with it. He thinks he’s going crazy until he realizes that while no one else hears all the voices screaming out in pain those voices are real nonetheless.

He and his estranged son Carl are trying to make ends meet in their conversation at a restaurant when John hears their waitress’s thoughts and decides to move on his new knowledge. She’s in pain over losing one of her friends to a poorly done abortion. Now the race is on to prove that the abortion doctors and the clinic caused this girls death before they can do any further damage. What can a reporter and a kid do to effect the giant abortion clinic? If they can prove the clinic killed Annie because of their negligence they’ve got a news story, but there are powers they don’t know about yet that will have to be dealt with. They’ll add friends along the way to help in their quest for truth, but they’re also going to fight off enemies on every side of the liberal media and close-mouthed doctors.

Honestly the book only gets interesting about halfway thru and after reading The Visitation I was a little disappointed in the way The Prophet is written. It’s not fast-moving or very exciting. It doesn’t have the twists The Visitation has or the intrigue. It did make me think about how the media slant the stories we hear because of their social liberality and how the whole news business is just a variation on show biz. It is also a great look into the horror that abortion has brought to countless families. It’s not Peretti’s best work, but if you’re looking for a light crime novel kind of book you’ll enjoy The Prophet.


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