Stuff Christians Like by Jonathan Acuff

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December 20, 2011 by Chris French

Stuff Christians Like started off as a blog. It’s actually still going and you can check it out right here. The book is a collection of essays written by Acuff and featured on the blog. I guess they’re a “best of” medley. If you’re a fan of satire or sarcasm you’ll probably enjoy the book and the website. If you think sarcasm is not funny, but hurtful I’d probably stay away from both. I’m a pretty sarcastic person myself so I enjoyed the book. Several of Acuff’s observations about the odd culture of Christianity are spot on and hilarious. You will definitely have those moments as you read the book when you think, “Been there, done that. Glad someone else thought that was weird too.”

Acuff has categorized his essays into a couple different categories: God, Prayer, Church & Witnessing to name a few. If you’re not a huge reader this book may be good for you. You can read one of the essays, they’re only about a page a piece (and the type is pretty big), put the book down and go back to playing your Playstation 3, then pick it up again the next day. I’m definitely not advertising Stuff Christians Like as an inspirational book you read every day for a pick me up, but the essays stand alone so you don’t have to remember where you were to pick back up and enjoy it.

For the most part this book is just a light read that will make you laugh at our eccentricities (it’s only funny because it’s true) , but toward the end Acuff talks about a school trip he was on where a little boy accidentally squirted mustard all over his ice cream sundae. This is pretty funny by itself, but wait there’s more! Because he is embarrassed the little boy refuses the ice cream vendor’s offer of a new sundae insisting that the mustard ice cream is fine. He tries for several minutes to mix the mustard and the ice cream together to hide the mustard and make the ice cream edible. Acuff says we do the same thing as Christians. We stir our mustard (sin) in our ice cream trying to make an edible sundae (a righteous life) all by ourselves. Eventually I figure out that this doesn’t work. I can’t fix me using me. The good news is I don’t have to! Jesus came to save the sick. He didn’t come for the righteous or the holy or even the average. He came to heal the most messed up people on this earth, because those are the people who humble themselves and accept His help. What an awesome point! That idea is something Christians Should Love!


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