Family or Kingdom


February 14, 2012 by Chris French

For years we’ve heard the church is a family. While Scripture calls believers brothers and sisters and God is certainly our Father the only word used to describe the church is “kingdom”. David Murrow in his Why Men Hate Going to Church says that one of the things that has turned men specifically off to the church is this family talk. In families we give with each other. Uncle Pete may be crazy, but he’s my uncle so I put up with him beyond the point when something should be said to right a wrong. Everything is done to keep the peace in a family. We understand that. Think back to last Christmas. You kept your mouth shut even though Uncle Pete was spouting some nonsense just so your mom wouldn’t get mad at you. Murrow says we’ve done the same thing in the church because of the family atmosphere.

If a person leaves a family it’s almost like they’ve died and the same is true in the church. If a person leaves to go to a different congregation of the Lord’s people even we feel a great sense of loss. That’s because we view the church as a family. If we viewed the church as a kingdom we would recognize that God is only moving soldiers to another part of the war. I’m not sure what I think about the book as a whole or this section of it in particular, but what he says is making a lot of sense. What do you think the difference between our view of the church as a family or as a kingdom is? How does that view affect our interactions within the church?


3 thoughts on “Family or Kingdom

  1. Daniel Dalp says:

    Awesome thoughts Chris! I had never really understood why we feel that way when someone moves to a new congregation. The kingdom mentality is a really neat perspective!

  2. Chris French says:

    Good points Donnie. Murrow says that once a congregation is 70% female you can write it’s obituary. The church needs men to take risks and step out to lead. I think if a congregation were flooded with male influence we’d see a marked change. It seems pretty obvious that we need more men in the congregation, but how do we bring them in? I’m not buying into everything Murrow says, but I’m interested to see how he answers that question.

  3. donnieMc says:

    Wow, those are some things to think about. Maybe it ought to be more like the kind of family that maybe some time hollers and fights but afterward its all over, no one holds grudges, and everybody loves each other. I also think that alot of the times Matthew :23-24 and 18:15 are compeletly forgotten, esp the latter when it involves Preachers, Elders, Songleaders and Youth Ministers. I think the church perhaps is a women’s church in that the majority of those attending any given service is overwhelmingly women. Even though in our fellowship the men lead, the women still perhaps shape the preaching and the environment just because they are the majority. What would change about our church if it were predomonately men? it would be interesting to know that.

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