Remembering the Garden


March 5, 2012 by Chris French

What if we remembered the Garden of Eden? Would that intimate, deep relationship with God change the way we looked at the world? Would we remember the peace we felt in the Garden and look back on our sin and expulsion with regret when we were angry? Would our actions seem petty and childish if we could remember the intentions behind our actions in the Garden of Eden? Would we look at others with suspicion if we could remember that everyone’s intentions in the Garden were good and honorable, but now none of that was true? If we could remember how life was in the Garden of Eden it would change everything! Adam must have been haunted by his memories of the time before he ate that fruit. Every new experience, anger, jealousy, hate, discontent and greed must have been a shock to his system. If only it still shocked us!

I would argue that we get a dim view of that relationship when we truly come to know Jesus. It’s kind of like we’re looking thru a dirty car window. We see the magnificence and the beauty of God, but that dirt (a.k.a. our sin) muddies our perfect view of Him. We’re having to fight back into a state of purity. Trust and contentment are no longer the norm for us as they were in the Garden.

Heaven is intriguing because we will finally get back to that perfect relationship in a place where everyone is good and our desire will only be for God. Let’s look at today thru the lens of the Garden!


2 thoughts on “Remembering the Garden

  1. Daniel Dalp says:

    Great thoughts brother! It really got me thinking. Thanks for sharing!

  2. donnieMc says:

    Chris, everytime we have a perfect morning with a brillant blue sky and everthing is just sparkling, I think that it is a glimpse of Eden, that this is the way everyday was intended to be, weather wise And that as a result of sin, the Fall, even that was corrupted. A mirror, I think of the fall of grace, of dignity, love, obedience, and truth, and
    of us.

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