Blatant Grace

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April 30, 2012 by Chris French

Have you ever noticed that God seems to take people who blundered the biggest possible blunder and make a big deal about showing grace to them? Think about Israel’s “Golden Age”. They’ve got all the money in the world and they’re at peace. Everyone’s happy. Guess who was ruling Israel during this most blessed era? Solomon! The son who shouldn’t have ever been David’s! Remember Solomon is David and Bathsheba’s 2nd son. Their 1st son died because of their adultery and murder of Uriah. To this son though God opens the flood gate of grace and pours it on him. David’s sin makes Saul’s disobedience look petty, but God refused to allow Jonathon to reign after Saul. His lineage was over. Now David has blatantly sinned, but instead of justice God gives him blatant grace. His son, not just any son, but the Bathsheba’s son, got to reign after David was dead and not only that, but God made this era Israel’s Golden Years.

Think about the apostles. There’s not really a standup guy among them! Matthew is the scum of the earth in the form of a tax collecting (a.k.a. biggest sinner ever). Simon the Zealot is a political rabble-rouser, possibly a murderer, James & John have some severe anger management problems, Peter can’t keep his foot out of his mouth, Thomas always needs proof to believe anything, and the others are probably so quiet no one would really notice them in a crowded room. And, oh yeah, let’s not forget about greedy Judas! It was these 12 outstanding sinners that God gave outstanding grace to! Three years to walk, question, watch and learn from Jesus! These were the men He would entrust to tell EVERYONE else!

Think about Paul, “the chief of sinners” (1st Tim. 1.15). Murderer! Blasphemer! Thirteen of the books of the New Testament were written by this man. A good portion of the Middle East and Asia in the 1st century had faith because he told them what Jesus had done! It seems to me that God finds the test case for justice and discipline, the person who should be the first in line for a kick in the mouth, and He showers them with grace!

That’s encouraging for me because I’m next in that line! I love the fact that God seems to almost go after the people everyone else thinks should be punished. To these people He gives blatant grace. Maybe it’s so He can point to them and say, “Look at my servant here. There’s no one like him.” Maybe He does this because once we realize what He’s done we’re overcome and humbled.

I see genuinely good men finding grace in God’s eyes. Samuel for example, but I take greater comfort in knowing that even though I’m broken and beyond use He is looking for a way to bring glory to His Name thru me thru His blatant grace.


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