Changing Lives or Changing Subjects

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May 28, 2012 by Chris French

This is Day 2 of the 100 Day Challenge. Today’s reading was from John 3-4. John 3 is all about Nicodemus and Jesus’ conversation about how to get into the Kingdom of God. Nicodemus came to that meeting thinking he knew the answer to that question. He came with a completely different question: Are you Messiah, Jesus? As usual Jesus has a different agenda.

John 4 focuses on the Samaritan Woman. I’ve read over this story many times, it’s another one of my favorites. I’ve taught classes and preached over this exact passage several times, but today as I was reading thru it I was trying to picture myself sitting on the well next to Jesus observing their odd conversation. Have you ever noticed how quickly the woman changes the subject when Jesus calls her out about her five marriages? Go check it out, but she pretty much says, “Wow, you must be a prophet from God. Where should we worship?” Jesus says something that is VERY personal and the next words out of her mouth are the most IMPERSONAL words I can imagine. The Truth shone a little too bright on her life and she wanted to back away a little bit. That definitely sounds familiar! We do that all the time, don’t we? Maybe you’re listening to a lesson or talking with a friend or just reading thru your Bible and all of a sudden you start feeling very uncomfortable because Jesus is stepping on your toes! You mentally pull yourself away from it (if you don’t do it physically!) just like this woman in Samaria did.

You gotta give her credit though. Look in verse 28. Jesus just has time to tell her that He is indeed the Messiah before the disciples come and break up their conversation with their awkward stares. The woman is so excited about going into the city to tell everyone else Who she just met that she leaves the water jar next to the well. She backed away from the light Jesus shed on her flawed life, but she rebounded quite well! The subject didn’t stay changed for long. It seems that this conversation with Jesus changed her life. I’m afraid she did much better confronting the truth His light shed on her life than we do most of the time. During this 100 Day Challenge His light is going to expose some things in your life, and my life, that we need to get rid of. Don’t pull away or change the subject. Change your life!


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