Would You Recognize Jesus?

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May 28, 2012 by Chris French

Today started the 100 Days Challenge! For the schedule to read thru the New Testament see the tab 100 Days Challenge.

For John 1-2 I read the New Living Translation. I like it because the wording is so different it makes me pay attention as I read thru familiar passages. Since John 1 is one of my favorite passages I wanted a fresh look at it. It didn’t disappoint!

I don’t guess I’ve ever noticed John’s insistence on the people not recognizing Jesus, but the NLT uses the word “recognition” or “recognizes” 3 different times so it’s pretty hard to ignore! In John 1.10, 1.26 and 1.31 we find people not recognizing Jesus. Let’s start with 1.31 and work our way backwards.

John the Baptist doesn’t even recognize Jesus for Who He is really is. God has told John that He’s going to send the Holy Spirit to rest on the Anointed One, so when the Spirit rests on Jesus John puts it together, but up until then John didn’t know either.

In John 1.26 when the Pharisees come to John to ask him if he’s the Messiah he starts talking about Jesus. Apparently He was in the crowd when the Pharisees were questioning John! John says that even though they were standing right next to Him they still didn’t recognize Him for Who He was.

My favorite is John 1.10. In Greek John literally says Jesus came home and no one recognized Him! Could you imagine coming home from work and your spouse doesn’t recognize you, your kids don’t know who you are? Everyone should have recognized Him, but at the very least His own people should have known Who He was even though He was in disguise!

Very good first day to the 100 Days Challenge. Will you join me in this Challenge? We’ll have a party on September 7th to celebrate with everyone who reads thru the entire New Testament during these 100 days.


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