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May 31, 2012 by Chris French

I missed Day 4 so this post is for Day 4 (John 7-8) and Day 5 (John 9-10)

This isn’t a math exercise, but a lesson in making a decision. In John 10 Jesus has just healed a blind man (John 9) and it has caused quite the commotion. In John 10.21 people have said that Jesus must be demon possessed, but others reason that He doesn’t act like He’s got a demon and demons don’t heal blind people! They are so close! If Jesus didn’t get this power from Satan, which doesn’t make any sense, He must have gotten it from God. So at the very least He must be sent from God, at the very least He is a prophet like Elijah or Elisha. Jesus however claims to be MUCH more than just FROM God. He claims to BE God (John 10.30-33).

If His miracles don’t come from Satan, and they obviously don’t, they must come from God. If His power comes from God, and it obviously does, then what Jesus says must be true. He must be God! They are so close to faith! If these people could just get past their prejudice and their hypocrisy they could be saved! If Jesus’ power comes from God (2+) so everything He says must be true (2) then He is God and you should do everything He says (=4). How’s your math?


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