Glory is Dangerous!

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June 2, 2012 by Chris French

When Jesus heard that Lazarus was sick He waited until Lazarus had died and then went to him so that He could bring glory to God thru raising Lazarus from the dead. Sure enough many people believe in Jesus because there were several people there at the cave where Lazarus was buried when Jesus called him out of the cave still wearing the burial clothes! All that happens in John 11, but in the very next chapter the Pharisees start looking for a way to re-kill Lazarus. They want to kill Jesus, but John 12.10 says they’re gunning for Lazarus too because he’s the reason people believe in Jesus. Everyone knew he was dead, but now he’s as healthy as ever!

That says to me that I better be ready. When my life brings glory to God Satan is going to start looking for ways to take me out. He’s going to look for a way to ruin my reputation. He’s going to look for a way to shoot holes in my character. He’s going to look for ways to make me stop bringing attention to God. Don’t buckle. Don’t give in to him.

When you are doing good things for the kingdom of God make sure you take extra steps toward holiness because Satan is looking for a way to stop you from brining attention to God.


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