Unity Protection vs. Satan Protection

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June 4, 2012 by Chris French

It’s interesting that when Jesus is praying for he disciples in John 17 He asks the Father to protect them. You expect Him to ask for protection from Satan’s schemes, that does come later, but in verse 11 He asks God to protect the disciples’ unity. Unity? Is it just as important for God to protect our unity as it is for Him to protect us from Satan? Jesus thought so! The next time you think about spreading a rumor about someone think again. The next time you refuse to talk to someone at church because they hurt your feelings, or because they don’t “like” you, get over yourself and do everything in your power to make Jesus’ prayer come true.

If we start thinking about our relationships with people in the church thru the lens of doing our part to make Jesus’ prayer here happen maybe it will! You can’t control someone else, but you can do everything in your power to be “one” with your brothers and sisters. Why do you think Jesus prayed for God to protect our unity before BEFORE He prayed for our protection from Satan? Could it be that before Satan could even start throwing temptations at us that we were shooting ourselves in the foot by not protecting each other?

Last question: what does it mean to be unified? Practically speaking, what actions/mindsets show my unity with you? Looking forward to your answers in the comments section.


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