Peter’s Denial


June 5, 2012 by Chris French

In John 18 John goes into detail about the night Jesus was betrayed. He specifically focuses a lot on Peter’s denial of Jesus. When I look at the Gospels I get the impression that Peter and John were buddies. They were both in Jesus’ inner circle, it was John that Peter motioned to ask Jesus who was going to betray Him, it was John and his connections that got Peter into the city for Jesus’ trial. it was even Peter and John who ran to the tomb together on Sunday. These guys were friends. So why does John focus in such great detail on Peter’s denial? He even gives us a weather report for that night! Apparently it was cold. The only reason I can think of that John would draw so much attention to THE most humiliating moment in his friend’s life is because this story is not about Peter, this story is about God’s grace, and Jesus forgiving Peter’s denial after His resurrection brings that to the forefront of the story.

Before you leave me for the day take a minute to read John 19 from the New Living Translation. Click here to read it. This translation is more conversational than some and when you her the details of His torture in common language it makes you sick. Pretty powerful…


3 thoughts on “Peter’s Denial

  1. savedbygrace says:

    now Jesus says “if anyone denies me before man, Him will
    I deny before my Father”

    just look at that. if that is not enough to convinced anyone
    that it is not our love for Him, but rather God’s love for us
    that saves us.

    the simplicity of the gospel, just believe even when you fail
    or did the worst sin, just continue in believing you will be saved.

    good find!

    But whoever disowns me before men,
    I will disown him before my Father in heaven.
    – Matthew 10:33

    if anyone is ashamed of me and my
    words in this adulterous and sinful
    generation, the Son of Man will be
    ashamed of him when he comes in his
    Father’s glory with the holy angels.
    – Mark 8:38

    But he who disowns me before men will
    be disowned before the angels of God.
    – Luke 12:9

    • Chris French says:

      We walk a fine line with grace for sure. God definitely moves first in meeting us, but there’s also an aspect of our obedience that comes into play when we’re talking salvation. For example, James 2 talks about faith without works being a useless faith. The good things I do don’t save me. Ephesians 2.8 makes it clear that we’re saved by God’s grace alone. But when God says to do something to be saved I need to do that to be saved. My obedience to God’s commands opens me up to His grace. Thanks for your comments and encouragement!

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