I love Jesus, but not the church…

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June 9, 2012 by Chris French

How many times have you heard someone say something like, “I still love Jesus, but I don’t like the church”? John, the apostle of love, would call that person a fake disciple! Check out what he writes in 1st John 5.1, “Everyone who believes that Jesus is the Christ has become a child of God, and everyone who loves the Father love His children too.” Surprise! In God’s arena you don’t get to make the decisions! The moment you called Him Lord you gave Him the power to call the shots in your life.

Loving Jesus, but not the church has almost become the “in” thing to do these days. I don’t understand why. Many people say that there are too many hypocrites in the church and they would rather not go to church than be around hypocritical Christians. Listen, God’s plan was for the church to encourage, teach and take care of each other. You say, “well they’re doing such an awful job at it that I’m moving on to Plan B.” There isn’t a Plan B! God never said, “if the church fails to make people holy just throw it in the trash and do whatever you want (insert your favorite hobby or community obligation here). If the church doesn’t match up to your vision of what it should be (or better yet, what God’s vision for it should be) do something about it! The answer isn’t you complaining and eventually quitting church. The answer is to be the change you want to see in the church. Yes, there are hypocrites in the church. Yes, there are people there who aren’t there for the right reasons. Yes, you can do something about it. Do you still love Jesus, but not the church? It’s time for you to step up and make your congregation one that God can be proud of!


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