Jesus’ Gifts

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June 10, 2012 by Chris French

Today we started Revelation 1-3. I’ve read over these passages many times, sadly when someone wants to give Revelation some attention from the pulpit they only choose these three chapters and ignore the rest, so you’re probably familiar with this selection too. I do find it interesting that after you read John’s gospel and letters you’re pretty acquainted with John’s writing style, but when you read Revelation it’s obvious that John is writing what someone else (Jesus) is saying.

Look at all the stuff Jesus asks these Christians to give up. They live in Satan’s city (Rev. 2.13), they’ve got the Jews to deal with (synagogue of Satan), they’re being thrown in prison and they’re even dying! He’s asking them to give up a lot! Don’t forget to notice what Jesus will give them and you if you do give up all this. He’ll give the fruit from the tree of life (Rev. 2.7), the crown of life (Rev. 2.10), hidden manna (Rev. 2.17), a white stone (Rev. 2.17), a new name (Rev. 2.17), authority over the nations (Rev. 2.26), the morning star (Rev. 2.28), white clothes (Rev. 3.5), pillars in God’s new temple (Rev. 3.12), a meal and He’s got a throne for you (Rev. 3.20-21)!

That’s a power packed list of gifts! Let’s talk about a few. The hidden manna represents God’s provision of Israel in the wilderness. He’s going to take care of us too. He’ll also give us white clothes. Sin muddies up our “clothes”, but Jesus is going to make us pure. He’s going to make us pillars in God’s new temple. We’re going to be an integral part of this new temple, just like the literal pillars were for the literal temple.

Just one more reminder that the gifts definitely outweigh the things He asks us to give up!


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