God’s Ocean Front ThroneRoom

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June 11, 2012 by Chris French

Today we got into some of the “meat” of Revelation so you may be confused about what’s going on. I’ll see if I can help. Chapter four is all about God’s throne room. Some pretty scary news has been coming out of Domitian’s throne room lately, news like Rome is hunting down Christians and killing them. The 1st century Christians had to be wondering where the splitting the Red Sea God was. Was He still in control or had Rome conquered Him too? John says not only is God still alive, He’s sitting on His throne and everything that’s happening is within His plan! They must have had this picture in their minds of God and Domitian battling in Heaven. John says that’s not the case, not even close. God is sitting down during this “fight”! It’s almost like John wants to compare throne rooms to show how awesome God is and how limited Domitian is in power. God has a SEA in His throne room…and it’s not even the focal point. John mentions it last as he describes the throne room almost like everything else had so overwhelmed him that he didn’t notice the ocean tucked in the corner over there!

In chapter 5 we run into a problem. A “strong” angel isn’t strong enough to open this seal that needs to be opened. In fact after searching all of Heaven there is no one worthy enough to open it! Finally a lamb, the most harmless of animals, shows up. He’s been killed in a gruesome fashion, but He is worthy to open this important seal. From the chatter in Heaven going on about this lamb we know that He is Jesus. He opens the seals and in chapter 6 we find God giving some payback to Rome. He’s still giving them time to repent so it’s not the end, but these riders stand for pain, war and death coming to Rome. the God who was famous for fighting for His people was still alive and binging the fight to Rome, but He was also giving them time to come to Him and be saved even though it meant more of His children dying.


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