Making Him Famous

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June 17, 2012 by Chris French

Did you notice how much Paul focuses on the Thessalonians’ doing good things in today and yesterday’s readings? Every time you turn around in these two letters Paul’s talking about them doing good works. They should work so others don’t have to take care of them (3.10-12). They’re being persecuted but they’re standing up so well against it that Paul’s telling everyone about their faith (2nd Thess. 1.4). Paul has been praying that God will give them the strength to do everything their faith prompted them to do (1.11). Even though others have taken advantage of them Paul encourages the Thessalonians to never get tired of doing good things for people (3.13). What is the purpose of this focus on good works? It makes the Father famous! In 2nd Thessalonians 1.12 Paul makes a point to remind the Thessalonians and us that our lifestyles bring honor to the Father. That’s my job here. If my life isn’t making the Father famous I’ve missed the point. It’s my prayer that God will give me strength to do every good work that pops into my mind so I can bring honor to Him.


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