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July 12, 2012 by Chris French

So I’m expanding my pallet. This morning I ate a fruit that is best described as a prickly strawberry. You can watch a video of me eating this new fruit here. Much like a pineapple this is one of those fruits you instinctly know that you have to peel. It’s kind of a big deal to get into, but the inside isn’t bad. I thought it tasted a lot like an apple. I also found out that I REALLY like crepes.  We just came back from Crepe Lovers for desert tonite. I would highly recommend the cookies and cream crepe if you’re in the area.

Today we packed 900 bags of food. Before we get in the county some of our fearless leaders buy rice, flour, spaghetti sauce, noodles, Bibles, sugar and powdered milk in bulk. Now by bulk I mean 100 pound bags of rice! They come in grain sacks so we get a cup full, dump it in a small sack, tie it and put that sack in the larger sack with the other materials. Now we’ve got almost a thousand of those bags hanging out in one of the rooms at the Central church of Christ. We took 150 of those bags to Huizcar church of Christ this afternoon to hand out to the families that attended the Gospel Meeting and VBS.

I tried to count how many people were at the Gospel Meeting at Huzicar. I came up with about 110, not bad right? There were at least 150 kids at VBS! Awesome! The Salvadorians are telling the story of Joseph via puppets and a movie shown thru a projector. They made their puppet stage out of cardboard and painted it. Ingenious! And it looks great!

I tried my hand out with balloon animals again. Amazingly I haven’t picked up any new animals since last year, but it doesn’t seem to matter because the kids really like the balloon dog. Anyone know how to make a balloon heart? I’m pretty sure I’m doing it wrong, because it should look like a heart … not a circle. Oh well.

On our way to Huizcar last year we saw a sign telling us to watch out for what appeared to be a giant hamster. I’ve never seen a giant hamster so you can imagine how excited I am to watch out for this strange animal. Big letdown. We never saw it. The sign is still there so our conversation turned excitedly to what this animal might be. Kelly googled it tonite. Are you ready? I didn’t think so. I’ll wait till you’re ready. Okay, here we go! The animal one should beware of if ever driving the hills around Huizcar is called an Agouti. According to a webpage I found they weigh 2-9 pounds and they’re 16-25 inches long. Very scary! A good indication of how scared we should be might have been the sign warning us about rabbits. Apparently they’re big fans of Hawaii and California too. There’s an Agouti on display in both the Honolulu and San Diego zoos for your viewing pleasure.

Time to look at some pics!


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