Thursday – A New Brother


July 13, 2012 by Chris French

The Opico church of Christ is a congregation we’ve never been to before. Jorge has been working with them for the last three years, but our group has never been to this congregation before. I was really glad we got to go this year! There were 190 kids there! The Salvadorians did their puppet show, the kids watched their movie about Joseph and they ended with a craft. Opico even fed the kids that came to the VBS! After they were done eating Kelly and I went to the back of the little patio area where the kids were and started twisting balloons. A fourteen year old young man named Alex came over first thing and greeted us in English. We talked almost the entire time we were twisting balloons. He translated for us when the kids said something we didn’t understand. After a short time he asked me to twist him a balloon sword. I obliged him, but a younger kid wanted a sword too, so he gave his sword to them and didn’t ask for another one. We twisted for another 20 minutes with him translating and talking to us the whole time. Finally it was time for us to go which was perfect because I was out of the balloons I had allotted for Opico, but I wanted to thank Alex for helping us so much so I dug another balloon out and twisted him a sword, but another little guy came up and asked for a sword with about 5 friends. Alex gave his balloon sword away again knowing I couldn’t do him another one. I shook his hand and told him goodbye and we made our way to the van. Before we left we got word that there was going to be a baptism. Several of us went back to watch this special event. Guess who was getting his sins washed away today? My new friend Alex! You can watch the video of his baptism here.

The next congregation we visited today was San Mauricio church of Christ. This is the congregation Jorge preached for about 12 years. He moved to the Olicuilta congregation last December and the San Maurico congregation honored his work and his family tonite with a plaque and a public thank you. San Mauricio is a special congregation. They’re packed full of talented people who have a great passion for the Lord. A congregation would be lucky to have one of the several people this congregation has with this kind of passion and drive. They have also been faithful to show their love for our work thru their kindness toward us. This year their children sang a song they wrote especially for our group. Oh yeah, they were in costume too…pretty much cuteness personified. You can watch the video of their song here. They made us these awesome corn husk dolls and even fed us homemade papusas.

We ended the night by going to eat Crepes with our Bethel peeps and a few others. I switched it up tonite by going with a white chocolate brownie crepe with ice cream. It was pretty awesome. I gave it 4 stars. Zach did our devo early this morning and did a great job. You can watch his devotional here. Starting to storm here, so I’ll catch you later! While I sleep you can check out the pics from today


One thought on “Thursday – A New Brother

  1. […] of my own personal favorite memories from this week is named Alex. You can read his story right here.  If you were on the trip this year I’d love to hear about what you found to be the most […]

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