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July 14, 2012 by Chris French

I love this country! We bring all kinds of things over here when we come. Throughout the year each of us collect beanie babies and toys to hand out to the kids, we save so we can come and hand out those things, we go to yard sales and shop Oriental Trading all year thinking about things to bring to El Salvador. I love that process. It has a purifying effect on me, helping me remember that the money God has given was NOT meant to be stored up for my benefit, but to be shared with others to bring Him glory. So just that end of things is awesome, but today during the VBS at Olicuilta a little boy gave me a balloon animal one of our group had given to him earlier. I was given the opportunity to preach to the congregation at Olicuilta so I wasn’t there for the VBS or the subsequent toy exchange and balloon animal making like I normally am. When I came in he and some other small children were playing so I played with them until it was time for the devo. When we sat down he got up from his mother’s lap and went over to a chair and got a little green balloon animal dog and handed it to me. Every now and then someone does something that is so generous it amazes me. This was one of those times. I played with him so he wanted to give me something in return. Wow

That wasn’t all of our day though! The first thing this morning we went to San Juan Miphico, another congregation we’ve not been to before. They were amazing. The church was meeting outside their building in an alleyway, probably because their building was too small for the large group gathered for today. VBS was held in the field adjacent to the alley. Someone had taken the time to chop down everything in the field and make it ready for 150 kids. Sometimes I forget how big a deal our coming is for these congregations. It is absolutely the highlight of their week, maybe month, to see us and get to interact with us. I even got to lead the Hippo Song here, Zach took over and did it at Olicuilta, so now the Hippo Song is transcontinental and everyone loves it! I’ll try to remember to post the video of Zach and B.J. doing the Hippo Song with their lovely helpers. Even though we can only do it in English the kids still loved it. There are some very good hippos in El Salvador now.

Tomorrow is the Children’s Home and sightseeing trip. Apparently there’s a zip line and a coffee plantation in my near future. Pics coming soon, here are today’s pics.


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