Saturday – Zipline

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July 15, 2012 by Chris French

I didn’t think breakfast would be in my best interest this morning. I probably ate too many papusas last night. I let Jorge trick me into a papusa eating contest. I lost and my stomach hurts! I do want to mention that Kelly ate this papusa in honor of Debbie, since she couldn’t come on the trip this year. Somebody had to eat it!

I promised you guys that I would load the video of Zach doing the Hippo Song so here it is. Many of our ladies sing songs with the kids and I wanted to give you a vision of that. If you’ve never seen it this is worth a watch.

First thing this morning we went to the Children’s Home. It was such an awesome experience last year I wasn’t going to let a little upset stomach keep me away from it so I manned up and went and I’m glad I did. This time the kids were waiting on us with certificate of appreciation in hand for the Waverly and Olicuilta churches, and a foam flower for each one of us. Last year the directors of the orphanage didn’t tell the kids we were coming because so many people say they will come, but they don’t so now they let it be a suprise if a group does come by. That’s not the way they handled our group this year though. They had made our visit a big deal to the kids and everyone was excited about us coming back. We’ve given the church of Christ in El Salvador such a good name that they treat us differently than most other groups they come in contact with. We’ve made the Father famous and brought glory to His Name simply by keeping our word and doing good things for little children. What more could you ask from a mission trip?

The kids had even made bracelets and earrings to sell. The proceeds from the jewlery helps support each child thru the year. Our group bought everything they had made because we wanted to help the kids, but also because they did good work. Somebody shared with me that when they asked the price for some jewlery and was given the answer and they ended up giving them 4 times as much as they were asking for it. Reverse bargaining is fun!  We did our VBS for them complete with puppets, movie and Hippo Song. You can watch it here. We gave out the backpacks people had bought for them earlier in the year, twisted balloons and handed out goodies. The kid Kelly and I bought stuff for, Nelson, loved his new soccer ball so much he played with it the rest of the time!

By lunch my stomach was almost back to normal, which was a good thing because I was starving. We ate at McDonald’s and headed somewhere up in the mountains for some ziplinging, horseback riding, and a tour of a coffee factory. I don’t like coffee so what do I care about how it’s made. Horses have a mind of their own, especially around me, so I don’t trust. Shifty eyes. I wanted to do the ziplining so it was a no brainer for me, but Kelly wasn’t so sure. Her love of coffee and hatred of high places almost talked her out of it, but in the end she went on the high ropes course and the zipline with me. We both had a blast! B.J. and Donna did the high ropes course and zipline with us too! By tomorrow (July 15, I’ll have the videos posted of me, Zach, Kelly, B.J. and Donna doing the zipline down the mountain after our high ropes course challenge. You can watch Kelly, Chris, B.J., Donna or Zach go down the zip line by clicking on their individual names. You can even ride the zip line with Kelly right here. You must be this tall ^ to ride this ride.

On the way back to the hotel I was talking with some of the Salvadorians who speak English very well. One of them said his college English professor taught them a new word a while back. He wanted to know if we knew this word. It’s “shambolic”. It’s an adjective and means disorderly or chaotic. I think the professor made it up. I’ve never heard of shambolic. You hear that your life is in the shambles and by that we mean that your life is a mess, but I don’t think the adjective form is real. I told him I would google it when I got back to the hotel and sure enough there “shambolic” is meaning “disorderly or chaotic” just like he said. In my defense it’s mainly British slang, but I bet you didn’t know it either!

After we returned to the hotel our Bethel group went to grab a late supper at the pizza place right down the road from our hotel. It was a long wait, but as usual was worth the wait. Zach and I used our spare time to look for him some medicine. Luckily our pizza place is right next door to a pharmacy. Unluckily neither one of the cashiers spoke English and all the medicine was behind the counter. Eventually thru bad Spanglish and hand motions we got them to understand what we wanted. Yeah, we could live here on our own.

For pics of our exciting day click here.


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