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July 16, 2012 by Chris French

Sunday is a special day for Christians across the world, but it holds a special significance for our group while we’re in El Salvador. We get to worship with the Salvadorians. Today we sang our songs in English and in Spanish at the same time. The first verse of the first song was a little shaky, but it ended up working really well and was beautiful. I started thinking that this must be what heaven will sound like, voices from different nations all blending together to worship the God we serve.

After worship we celebrated all the July birthdays with a pinata. Everyone had a great time with the pinata. You can watch the video of the birthday boys and girls whacking the pinata right here.

The Salvadorians also honored our group by giving us a bracelet and a coffee cup as a thank you for our work. It doesn’t sound like much, but think back to Jesus’ lesson to His disciples about who gave the most. Rich people were walking by putting in a lot of money, but a poor woman walked by and put in her last dime. Jesus said this woman gave more than the rest put together! Salvadorians are incredibly poor, but they shared with us out of their lack. That’s been a consistent thing this week. It’s not just an isolated incident, this is their way of life. Those of us who are “rich” need to make sure we are as generous! We did return the favor by giving the men backpacks and the woman purses. They seemed very happy with their new items and we got lots of hugs before we left.

After services we changed clothes and went to the Artisan’s Market down the road from our hotel to buy goodies and presents for friends. You’ll find out if you got anything when we get home! Afterwards we went to a great ice cream place called Jungle Snow. I think we’ve got them in the States, but this is the only one I’ve ever been to, but if we ever live close to one I’m willing to become an avid patron! I dug into something called the chocolate King of the Jungle. It’s dark and light chocolate ice cream with chocolate chunk pieces and coffee flavored ice cream. It’s pretty much awesome! B.J. seemed to love hers too.

So far we’ve had somewhere between 700-800 kids at the VBS’s we’ve done. Tomorrow will round out our week with AT LEAST 250 more kids! That’s 50 more kids than last year’s VBS. I’m really looking forward to being with the Agua Escondida church of Christ tomorrow. Update coming soon…

Here are the pics for today!



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