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July 23, 2012 by Chris French

Today was Day 1 of our Joelton Mission Trip. I want to start the week off with a “Thank You” to Dallas & Emma Mathis. They were kind enough to drive the van today so we didn’t have to walk all the way back to it when we were done with the neighborhood. We door knocked a neighborhood in Pleasant View, ate lunch and went to our service project at the Joelton Hope Center. A part of our group moved boxed MM’s from one spot to another spot while the rest of us sifted thru bad potatoes. Now that sentence might have snuck up on you, so let me explain. They have these bags that have 5 ten pound bags of potatoes in each bag. In each ten pound bag of potatoes are some that are so rotten (or something) that when you push on them potato squirts out. You may be thinking “squirts” is not the mental picture I want here. Maybe it’s something more like the potato oozes? Nope, squirts is the right word! I’ve eaten a lot of potatoes in my life. In fact it’s the only vegetable I like so I feel a special affinity for the potato…that is until today. It was pretty rough! I got liquid potato on my shoe!

So we separated the bad potatoes from the good ones and washed the good ones so they would be ok. There was liquid potato all over the floor by the time we were done. It’ll probably go down as one of the grossest things I’ve ever done. It’s not up there with cleaning out a maggot infested dumpster, but I wouldn’t do it just for fun, but I’m glad we did it. Now several families in need can get potatoes at an excellent price because of our work. Potato washes off shoes, clothes and hands, but doing good things in the Father’s Name brings honor to Him and for that honor I’ll gladly clean potatoes. Great job, Potato Crew! I’m proud of you! I’m proud of you too MM Crew. I just wished we could have switched jobs!

If you want to see more pics from today you can click here.


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