Not for the Weak

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July 24, 2012 by Chris French

Today I’m reminded of how hard it is to be a servant. Most of us don’t mind doing service projects. It’s only 3-4 hours and I can make it thru that short time. Service projects are okay, but a life of service is scary! To give that much of my energy and heart to someone is scary. What if they take advantage of me? What if they ask for something I’m not willing to give up? What if they ask me to radically change my life to be in line with their way of thinking? Scary thought, huh? That’s exactly what Jesus asks of us.

By nature we’re greedy people. We have to be taught to share. Even as small children we not only want our toys, but everyone else’s too. So when I start reading Scripture and I come to passages like the last part of Matthew 25 I get a little scared because Jesus asks me to share what I’ve got with others. When was the last time you fed someone who was hungry? Were they too dirty or too scary for you to help them? When was the last time went all out for someone, even inviting them into your home? Do you know that they only want to use you and that they’ll only leave you heartbroken or possibly physically hurt? When was the last time you visited someone in prison? They’re dangerous and now they’re getting what they deserve, right? None of those excuses seemed to get these people off the hook. Jesus said that they never knew Him and He certainly didn’t know Him! The scary thing is they seem pretty acquainted with Him. I could safely put myself in their shoes.

There are all kinds of good people in this world. The church isn’t made up of good people though. The church is made up of TRANSFORMED people! We do good things for others because He’s changed us. Our actions should come from a heart that is overflowing with love and a desire to help hurting people.

Yes, a life of service is scary because someday someone may ask for everything. It will hurt you and it will be incredibly costly, I’m not there yet. I still struggle with thinking that people are taking advantage of me and asking too much, but I’m glad Jesus didn’t share my mindset when I needed Him to give everything. Day by day and year by year we change and as God works on our hearts it’s my dream that one day the church worldwide will be so overflowing with love that good actions spill out all around us and people will look at the church, the Lord’s church not some poor imitation, and see a transformed people, a people who are called after His Name and bring honor to thatName instead of the anonymity that is so prevalent among us today.



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