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August 13, 2012 by Chris French

I’ve fallen off the wagon! It seems like forever since the last time I’ve posted. In my defense I’ve been a little busy…anyhow I’m going to try to post everyday again starting today. Please give me your feedback. It would be great if these posts helped start a discussion.

I was reading thru 1 Corinthians 4. If you’ve never read thru this chapter you should take a second and go thru it. Read it from a translation you’re not familiar with. Go ahead. I’ll wait…

Did you see how the Corinthians were dragging Paul thru the mud? He’s gone thru great personal expense to bring the Truth to the Corinthians, but they aren’t grateful to him at all. They should thank God for Paul every time they think about him, but instead they’re blasting him and lining up behind their different teachers.

Paul’s faith in Jesus made him look like an idiot on some occasions (4.10). For instance, being stoned for teaching about Jesus, somehow surviving and then going back into the city to preach some more (Acts 14.19-20) isn’t the thing a normal wise man would do. Paul’s wisdom didn’t play by the rules of this world though. He was using God’s playbook. God’s desire is to save everyone (2 Peter 3.9) so when this group at Lystra made it fairly clear they didn’t care what God had to say Paul knew there were others in the city who did care. Wisdom told him to go back into the city and find those people.

Paul was trying to teach the Corinthians about this kind of wisdom. He had spoken to them very gently when they were speaking evil things about him. He had been very patient with them, but they had still treated him like the world’s garbage, like the scum of the earth! Now he’s not even writing about this to shame them, but to warn them (4.14)! He’s not mad, he’s scared FOR THEM!

It’s really easy to take advantage of some people in the church, because they don’t fight back when we run over them. When we say hateful things about them they reply with gentleness and grace. Let’s make sure that we understand that they are the ones tied into God’s wisdom and we are the ones that are still trying to follow the wisdom of the world even though we said we cast it off long ago. Make an effort today to be done with that kind of wisdom and tie yourself into God’s wisdom.



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