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October 19, 2012 by Chris French

If you’re not careful as you read thru Ephesians 2 you’ll miss it. It shows up there a couple of times in a very short span, but it’s so unobtrusive it’s easy to overlook it. “For” is a small word, but it can pack a big punch. Check out Eph. 2.8: “For by grace you have been saved thru faith.” If you go back to verse 7 you find what the “for” is there for. We’ve been saved by grace so we can show off How incredibly good God has been to us.

The “for”s don’t stop coming though. Notice verse 10. Because God reached down and saved me by His grace I am His masterpiece. Most of the time I don’t really feel like a masterpiece, but He doesn’t say I’m slowly becoming a masterpiece. He says as soon as He bought me I was a masterpiece. He’s created me with a purpose though. He didn’t go this far out of His way to make me a pointless masterpiece. I’ve got a job! Now I need to start doing the good things He planned for me to do in the beginning. Don’t get tired of doing good things, no matter how much flack you may catch for it or how much it may adversely effect your life.


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