Standing Vigil


December 10, 2012 by Chris French

On this dreary day someone you know is hurting. Winter is a bad time for some people. They rain and dismal nature of this season brings some people down. They can’t seem to shake the depression and it sticks to them like glue. For others the holidays are a rough time because it brings to attention their loss. If you know someone who has lost someone close to them right now they’re probably wishing they could spend just one more Christmas with their loved one. Even if they’ve been separated for many years the hurt during this time of year is fresh. Maybe you’re thinking of the 153,000,000 orphans across the world who are starving, abused and exploited. The victims of Hurricane Sandy in the northeast may have crossed your mind today. It’s been almost 2 months since Sandy hit, but many, many people are without heat (if they still have a home) in a very cold part of our country. People are literally freezing to death. Perhaps you’ve been thinking of the 27 million slaves who are forced to work in deplorable conditions without payment, 7,o00 kids in Ghana alone work as slave fishermen. Some are 5 years old. There are more slaves right now than there have EVER been in the history of the world! Have you considered the father who has been out of work and is now in the process of selling everything he has to buy shoes for his small kids for Christmas?

We need to stand vigil over these people! You may not be able to set all the slaves free or adopt all 153,000,000 orphans. You may not be able to help the poor family out with their necessities, but if you’ve gotten this far in this post you care. Turn to our Father. He is the Protector of the weak and the One who cares for the strugglers. Stand vigil over these people with Him. You may not know their names and could not reach them to help them physically, but you can reach them nonetheless. Beg the Father to send a reprieve to these afflicted people. You know there is great power in prayer. It’s very possible that your prayers for the helpless will inspire someone who can physically help them to do so. You don’t know their names, but your heart is broken for them. Take their case to the Father. He cares!

Have you ever thought that these injustices still exist because we haven’t done enough?

Be generous with the ones you can help.  Be generous in prayer with the ones you don’t know.


One thought on “Standing Vigil

  1. […] It’s written from a journal she kept as she went thru seven months of liquidation. She skips most of the days each month, but you get to watch as she purges from seven different categories in her life: possessions, media, food, clothes, stress, waste and spending. She restricts herself to eating only 7 foods for the first month. The second month sets a moratorium on clothing. She’s only going to wear seven pieces of clothing the entire month. During the third month of her experiment she gives away seven things…every day! It turns into way more than just seven things a day because of her exorbitant amount of clothing realized from the previous month. Month four saw the Hatmakers downsize their media intake. No more t.v., gaming, Facebook/Twitter, iPhone apps, radio, texting and the internet. The caveat for texting and internet was that they could only be used emergencies (no superfluous texting i.e. bad jokes and lol’s) and work since they both use the internet for their jobs. Month five limited their family’s waste production. They started gardening, composting, recycling, buying local, and shopping at thrift stores. Month six meant that they could only shop at seven stores the entire month. Choose carefully! They choose online bill pay, 1 gas station, a local farmer’s market, target, emergency medical, their kids’ school and had a limited travel fund since she travels on speaking engagements so much. The final month was meant to decrease their stress level so they started observing the Sabbath day. The first time their family tried Sabbath out for size it was a complete disaster, but the others that month worked out pretty well. Jen also paused seven times every day during this month to pray. Each pause was an opportunity to pray for something unique. One was a time of intercession for others. Her thoughts on this period of prayer inspired this article yesterday. […]

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