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December 19, 2012 by Chris French

The relief efforts continue. Just because you don’t hear about them on the news doesn’t mean everything is fine.

People are freezing to death. You can help.

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve collected 184 pairs of socks to send to Staten Island. Yesterday Tim Nolan and I picked up a moving truck full of clothes from the Eastern Shore church of Christ and the community they’re a part of in Mobile, AL. People made blankets. They gave up some very nice coats. They bought some very nice coats to send. Even the local newspaper there got involved and helped spread the word. They were there yesterday interviewing the minister at Eastern Shore and taking pictures of us loading the clothes. You can read the article and watch the video here. So now I’ve been on t.v….sort of. More like I’ve been on blog, but it’s still pretty cool.

Here’s the challenge. Don’t stop.

It’s really easy to say that you did something and move on with your life. Don’t move on just yet. As we’re about to celebrate Christmas with our families and get great presents a lot of people in New York, Staten Island and New Jersey are sitting in gutted houses without heat worried about not being able to provide their children with presents… or warmth.

Interested in helping? Here’s what you can do. Go buy a scarf, tobogan or a pair of warm gloves. There’s a box in the foyer right in front of the offices at the building for you to put them in. The deadline is the end of January so make sure you contribute before then!


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