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January 5, 2013 by Chris French

Among our other New Year’s Resolutions most of us pledge to read the Bible every year. If you’re like me you’ve probably read Genesis-Deuteronomy 35 times, but then life gets hectic and you get behind then you’ve got to read 6 chapters in one day. All of a sudden you find yourself a couple of books down and can’t get back on track. It’s demoralizing. Then you spend the other 10 months not reading anything. Been there, done that.

This year we’re going to try something different.

There is absolutely nothing you can do that will benefit you more than working the Spiritual Disciplines into your life. We’re going to make a concerted effort this year to weave 12 different Spiritual Disciplines into our lives. The first one we’ll be working thru is Sabbath. Under the Old Testament God commanded His people to take one day a week (Saturday) to rest. They weren’t supposed to do anything, not pick up firewood or even get food. It was a day to relax and remember the Father. During January there will be several posts here about the Sabbath and rest. To help us work Sabbath into our lives there are several “challenges” we’ll go thru. I’d love to have your input! What challenges will help us work the discipline of rest into our lives. Here are a few I’ve come up with:

1. Find four days sometime this month to work Sabbath into your life.
2. Go to lunch with an older person on Sunday
3. Take a long walk and focus on God’s blessings.

What other challenges will help us rest? What about verses that propel you towards resting? Thoughts about Sabbath? What about a great quote on rest or Sabbath? I’ll be posting these on Twitter and facebook. If you post to Twitter about our Spiritual Disciplines you can use #anchor2013. I’ll work on it too and be posting regularly on Sabbath this month.

Here are the other Spiritual Disciplines we’ll be focusing on this year. If you think of a challenge that will help us work that discipline into our life or a verse pops into your mind about this particular discipline comment below and you’ll probably see it for that month.

February – Evangelism
March – Fasting
April – Giving
May – Service
June – Prayer
July – Solitude
August – Simplicity
September – Study
October – Submission
November – Confession
December – Celebration



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