Sabbath – How to do it

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January 7, 2013 by Chris French

First of all, the only reason I titled this post in this way is to let you know that in this post you’ll find a couple of pointers for your Sabbath time. I’m certainly no Sabbath expert! I’ve read about the practice of Sabbath in today’s society over the last year, but this will be my first experiment with practicing Sabbath too. While we’re on the subject this post is basically a consolidated version of Bill Gaultiere’s post which you can find here.

Sabbath is meant to be a rest, so don’t schedule anything on your Sabbath day. Most of the time we’re busy trying to be productive. If we’re not doing something you’re considered lazy. You can’t keep that up for long and be faithful to God. You get burned out or you focus on all the wrong things or your heart isn’t open. Sabbath restores the balance. For most people Sunday would be an excellent day to observe Sabbath, because Sabbath involves worship. It’s made up of two components: prayer and play. Your Sabbath is not a day off. On your day off you’ve got a to do list. You’ve got to run by the bank, get groceries, plant flowers, plan for the next day, check e-mail, make that call…and on it goes. Your Sabbath shouldn’t be outlined. Don’t come at it with a to do list.

Sleep late then wake up and meditate on Scripture. If you’re a morning person maybe you want to wake up early and take a walk while praying. Spend some time with your family. Play board games, pray together, eat a meal together, have an impromptu Bible study. During your Sabbath you will want to avoid media. Don’t spend your day watching t.v. That’s a day off, not a Sabbath. Don’t interrupt your day of prayer and play to check statuses on Facebook and Twitter. It may help you to write down your prayers and thoughts that come to you as you study. You’ll be impressed with where God leads you if you give Him your day.

Think about it like this: during this day God is draining the sledge and murk off your heart and just like you can see deeper into the pond after all that stuff is gone you can see deeper spiritually when you’re not having to peer thru the swamp our lives have brought into our relationship with God. Don’t ignore the truths you come across during this day. Write them down and continue to dwell on them.


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