Lord’s Supper – How Often

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January 21, 2013 by Chris French

How often should you observe the Lord’s Supper? Many churches only take it quarterly or monthly, maybe even only once a year.

The important question is not “What do most denominations do?”, but “How often does the Bible say I should observe the Lord’s Supper?” Grab your Concordance and search for “week” in Acts 20.7. The Strong’s number there is G4521. In Greek it looks like σάββατον (sabbaton). Go to the back of your Concordance and look under G4521. You’ll find that this word means “a day of weekly repose from secular avocations. After you grab your dictionary you’ll know that avocations means the things that normally takes up your day. So σάββατον means that every week we should take a break from our normal life to observe the Lord’s Supper.

Not satisfied that the Supper should be weekly? Pay closer attention to our word. σάββατον Is the Greek word for Sabbath. It’s taken from the Hebrew שָׁבַת (shä·vath’) which is the word Moses uses in Exodus 23.12 and every other time Sabbath is mentioned! So we should take the Lord’s Supper as often as God told the Jews to observe the Sabbath, which was weekly. Paul would use σάββατον (Sabbaton) when he told the Christians in Corinth to put some money back on a weekly basis so they’d be ready to help the impoverished Christians in Jerusalem (1 Cor. 16.2). He didn’t want them to wait a month to put the money aside. He wanted it to happen every week, just as they took the Lord’s Supper every week.


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