Holy Quest Pt. 5 – Radical

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January 31, 2013 by Chris French

To make the people around you holy you need to lead a radical life. Your faith needs to be evident.

Go check out Joshua 2.1-5. Israel has already entered the Promised Land, they’ve fought against many of the Canaanites and pretty much set up shop in the Promised Land. Now it’s time to enjoy their new land…but wait. They hadn’t killed all the Canaanites. They had made pacts with some and let others live in the land with them. Because they disobeyed God He promised to make the unrighteous people around them become a “thorn” in their sides. Because they half way followed God’s command there were going to be unrighteous people around them. For at least a generation they had the possibility of completely surrounding themselves with God’s people and they didn’t take it!

You won’t have that possibility, but take heart! A life completely devoted to God touches more people than you know. It’s kind of like the ripples in a pond after you throw a rock in. They start small at the epicenter, but those rings get bigger and bigger the further out they go. The longer you lead a radical life the more righteous people you’ll attract. That’s how you make everyone around you holy! You lead a righteous life.


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