What Would You Do?

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April 27, 2013 by Chris French

If the Bible said to jump off a cliff would you? We usually hear this expression used as a rhetorical question with an understood answer in the negative. Most of the time it’s a parent trying to help their child see the idiocy in blindly following someone into stupid activities, but do we carry that idea into our Bible study?

Have you ever thought that something you read was just not worth it? You understand all of God’s promises, but the price you’re going to pay is just too much to obey. Romans 12 comes to mind as an example. Toward the end of the chapter God says that we shouldn’t retaliate. When someone hurts us we should just accept the offense and move on. He’s going to be the One to repay that offense. I should focus on letting it go. That’s going to cost me a lot. That means people will take advantage of me. They’re going to walk all over me and God knows it and says I should just let them!

Do you blindly follow the Bible or do you pick which parts you want to obey? I’ve done the study. If you haven’t stop reading this and start studying the authenticity and reliability of Scripture. There’s not a section of Scripture that I shouldn’t follow blindly, no questions asked. Sound radical? It’s certainly not a new idea. Remember Abraham? In Gen.12 God tells him to pack up his stuff and leave everything he’s ever known and start walking. God would tell him when to stop. Go back and find all of Abraham’s questions. You can’t, because they’re not there. He didn’t ask any! God told him to go and Abraham went, even though it sounded crazy. Abraham apparently made a practice out of this. Check out Gen. 22. God tells Abraham to kill his son that he’s been expecting for the last century. Isaac is probably in his late teen years, and just starting to become a man Abraham could be proud of. Now God tells Abraham to kill him…and he doesn’t ask a single question. He just starts to do it! The Bible is full of God telling people to do outrageous things without questioning. Remember Job? Yeah.

I can trust the Bible without reservation. If He says to do something I need to do it, no matter the cost. Notice that Abraham left a life that looked pretty sweet to go live in a tent and walk everyday until God told him it was time to stop, but he became one of the most powerful people in the Middle East in his day. Note also that Isaac did not die. We serve a faithful God who finds pleasure in blessing His people. You can obey without reservation. If the Bible said to jump off a cliff make sure you get a running start!


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