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May 7, 2013 by Chris French

The amazing thing about Apple devices is the app store. Several of the new non-Apple devices seem to be fairly intuitive, which was Apple’s original claim to fame, but their app stores still can’t compete with the apple store. If you’re looking for a way to make life easier, there’s literally an app for that! Here are some of my favorite apps and why.

Waze is a free GPS app, but it’s way cooler than Google Maps. It’s kind of like facebook for navigation in that all the Waze users that are ahead of you post the conditions that are along your route like traffic, cops, gas prices and road construction. You can even talk to the Waze users ahead of you via a Chat right on the app. Another cool, but completely useless, part of the app is your icon indicating your spot on the map. The more miles you log on Waze the better your icon gets. Right now I’m a Waze Ninja. Yeah, I know…you wanna be just like me.

MyWarn ($9.99) is a weather app that sends you push notifications when you enter an area that is under a severe weather warning. You can also watch the local weather from your phone.


Yapp is our Campus Ministry App. It’s got a calendar of our events, News section, pics, map to the building, Prayer Wall and more. If you haven’t downloaded this app yet click on the QR code and download the app.


Cubby is the online storage that hosts our songbook, sermon outlines, Audio songs and hopefully audio lessons (Coming Soon). If you haven’t downloaded this one you’re missing out. When you download it sign in using as the login and songbook as the password.

FourSquare is one of those apps I’ve heard about for a long time, but just now downloaded. It’s a great tool to build excitement around our events though. If 10 people check in at Campus Devo on Thursdays it could persuade someone who was sitting on the fence to come.


E-Sword HD is a pretty cool Bible Study tool. It can tell you the Greek or Hebrew word and what it means behind every word in the Bible. Click on KJV+ for this option. This is pretty much all I do with it, but it’s been very helpful so far. You can also search a phrase or a term in any book or Testament parameter. It has a reference section and a commentary section at the bottom. I think I paid $4.99 for it, but it’s been worth it.


Slideshark is a presentation app. Basically you make a PowerPoint Presentation (Mac or PC) then you can upload it to SlideShark. Once in Slideshark you can’t edit the slides other than rearranging them, but you can use your iPhone to control the presentation on your iPad. I’m toying with the idea of using it for my class notes, that way you would only have to download that class’ presentation to remind yourself what we talked about in class. It might be a cool way to share the class with others. Like I said I’m still playing around with it so I might change my mind on using it in class.

What are some of your favorite apps? 


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